Jan 23 2015

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Jan 16 2015

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I’m not sure what the deal with this is. I guess she’s trying to be in a rap video. I don’t think that’s the kind of video she’s going to be in though. These sexy ebony whores probably do this all the time. Probably all women do it actually. Anything to get seen on television. If I was in charge of a rap video I would let her be in it if she sucked my dick. Why not? She makes it look so much fun. Even licking his balls. That’s a great slut right there. You know when she licks his balls, that she will do just about anything. Which makes my smile even bigger. I know that any time I see this black girl, she will always put a smile on my face. See you soon in a rap video sweetie!

Jan 09 2015

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Jan 02 2015

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Dec 26 2014

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Dec 19 2014

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Dec 05 2014

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